Erotic Body Worship Sessions

The amount of dm’s and emails I get daily from both men and women wanting to worship my curves gets my blood boiling. Body worship sessions are my favorite for a few reasons. One, I love having my 36 K breasts on display for someone who sincerely enjoys worshiping the body of an ebony goddess. Two, I love the power I hold as I watch a devoted client drool over my curves and beg for more tease and denial. It’s amazing how deep I dig into the souls of some who were first afraid to say hello.

Most of my clients find me on Instagram or Twitter. Some of them have been following me for months and finally realized the temptation was too hard to resist so they finally decided to ask for permission to enter my erotic kingdom. Once they were granted access after a series of tests, they knew they would never leave.

The addiction many have for me is so deep that often I’m the first person they speak to when they wake up, and the last person they speak to before they close their eyes. While some Goddesses control their pets mainly through cam sessions, I offer more of a variety. I provide daily tease and body worship sessions through snapchat, kik, email, and texting. Cam sessions are just a small piece of the pie. Many of my clients are busy throughout the day so cam sessions aren’t always feasible. Leaving them a small video or oily tit or ass pic feeds their addiction.

You may be wondering how you can get on my roster and serve me? The important thing to realize is that I don’t accept everyone. I do not like to have a ton of subs or slaves. I enjoy having a close connection with each one and forming a bond that is unbreakable. Emailing me at detailing why you want to serve me and what you expect to get out of the experience is the first step. Once I read it over, I will let you know if I want to move forward with you to the testing phase. That’s where the real fun begins.

If you successfully pass all my tests, I will then allow you a seat in my kingdom. Your needs will be met as you realize your addiction isn’t going anywhere. It’s important to feed it and accept your defeat.

Written by Sara Maraj

I'm an erotic phone sex provider, cam performer, and sexting Goddess. I love providing sensual moments to those who need a bit of excitement. I welcome you into my sexual lair :)

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