Scam List Webcam and Phone Sex

This blog post is a little bit out of the norm for me, but this needs to be addressed.  If you are a scammer, fake money slave, fake atm pig, etc., do not contact me.  If you say you’re going to purchase something off of my wishlist and then show me proof, to just cancel the order, you will be called out and added onto the scammer list so other girls know not to trust you.  The latest scammer to be added to this list is rizzy.longley from Skype.  He contacted me saying he basically wanted to spoil me and he purchased a good amount of things from the amazon wishlist then forwarded me the confirmation email.  We began talking more and after a while I didn’t receive a response from him, so I went to look at my list, and low and behold, he deleted me from his Skype list.  DO NOT add this man to your list and make sure to screen potential slaves, before you believe their words.

I am thinking of creating a very thorough list of scammers and posting it to my blog whenever new ones come about.  I know of other scammers too ladies, so email me if you want the list.