Body Worship Cam Sessions

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll notice that I tweet about a lot of different things. Sometimes I talk about the many vacations I take, while other times I speak about how I love body worship cam sessions.

I love having men and women indulge in the many things I offer. While I love experimenting and trying new things, I’ve always enjoyed having my curves worshiped. Many of you understand that my 36K tits are not just for show. I penetrate mens’ mind and alter their entire lives with my chocolate mounds.

Some of you contact me through Skype and discord quite often for cam sessions, but sometimes I’m not available. I am primarily available 7 days a week from 8pm mst- 3am mst. My name on Skype is sarabi.maraj and my discord name is sarabimaraj#3089. Only contact me when you’re ready to pay for a session. You can schedule sessions in advance as well.

If you’re on Second Life, I’m sarabimaraj on there and on Red Light Center, I’m also sarabimaraj. I will be updating my vlog which can be found on my new website . It’s still being designed, but it will be fully functional soon.

Ways to contact me:


Skype: sarabi.maraj

Discord: sarabimaraj#3089

Webcam Games, Phone Sex, and Forum

I have some new webcam games being developed that will take my webcam sessions to new heights. We all know that I love having my body worshiped and appreciate those who understand what it means to worship a bbw ebony goddess. I love sensual domination sessions along with harsh bdsm punishments. It strictly depends on who I am dealing with at the time. Everyone enjoys different parts of me.

I still have my private number for sell. It gives you direct access to me 24/7 plus you get those really naughty pics of me in the morning. Those are the best pics of me by the way. You can also text me whenever you like, call, and send as many dick pics as your heart desires! It’s the perfect way to get connected to me in a special kind of way. It costs $400/month and worth every penny. It’s part of the ultimate girlfriend experience service. Email me at if you’re interested. Also if you’re on second life, we can have naughty virtual dates. Phone sex is of course included!

I am bringing back my forum but am in need of a moderator! I need someone who is free a couple of hours a day to look over the forum, block spammers, enforce the rules, etc. If you’re interested, shoot me an email. I know I’ve been on a long hiatus from cam, but I will be back in 2 weeks for sessions! My skype id is sarabi.maraj. Aim- ebony.hottie

Ready to see my amazing 44J boobs?


Ebony Cam Goddess Forum?

Well my behavior as of lately has been unacceptable. I have ignored my blog and websites and that is something that can’t be ignored. Many of you know that I have other online businesses which make me extremely busy throughout the day, but after around 5pm I’m supposed to be dedicated to my clips, cam, mp3s, etc. Many of you contact me for cam sessions during the day and usually I am unavailable. I’m going to change that for this upcoming week. I want to make myself available 3 hrs during the daytime and then all evening for sessions. If you want to see if I’m available, the best way to do this is to contact me on aim – ebony.hottie, skype sarabi.maraj, or email me at

My slave game has become a hit all across the board! It’s currently for sale only when you contact me. It’s not posted anywhere but will be on my new site that will be dedicated to slave games. Most of them are centered around financial domination so if that isn’t your thing, it’s time to move along. If you are in the Houston area, I am still available for very exclusive real time domination sessions.

I deleted my forum because the maintenance of it was taking way too much of my time. I’m currently looking for someone to help me manage it because I did enjoy having it. It helped me connect with a ton of subs and slaves all across the globe. I’m also looking for someone who designs websites. I need 3 websites made asap. I no longer have the time to design them.

Are you ready to schedule your session? Contact me now!