For those of you who love Second Life and Red Light Center as much as I do, you will enjoy this service.  I am now offering my services in both of these virtual worlds.  In addition to offering virtual sex, I offer voice and cam sessions as well. My username inworld is sarabimaraj for both Second Life and Red Light Center *Pricing for second life is as follows:

Camming Rates
5 minutes – 4k
10 minutes – 8k
15 minutes – 12k
add on 4k for every additional 5 minutes of time

Custom Video Clips
Anything goes except for scat, anal, and bestiality.
Cost: $4/minute.

My voice escorting rates are:

10 min 2500L
15min 3500L
30min 5500L
45min 7500L
60min 9500L
Ten 20 minute sessions – 80,000L

Text escorting rates:

10 min 2000L
15 min 3000L
30 min 5000L
45 min 7000L
60 min 9000L

Non-Sexual Companionship / Companion Date
(60min Minimum)
60min with No Voice 3500L
60min with Voice 6500L
-Should you wish to change this at any point to a “Happy Ending” then you shall be asked for an additional fee.

Private Text chat in IM
(No private room, No animation, No voice)
100L per minute

10 min voice tease 1500L
Discount: Tease You Tuesday: 10 min voice tease 1000L
Happy Ending: additional 1500L for 10 more min

Topless 500L
Naked 1000L

Lap Dance / Private Poledance
10 mins 1000L
Topless add 500L
Nude add 1000L
Happy Ending add 1500L for 10 more min

10mins 2000L
Topless add 500L
Nude add 1000L
Happy Ending add 1500L for 10 more min

Want the ultimate girlfriend experience? I will create a custom package for you

Pricing for RLC is as follows:

Virtual sex for 15 minutes 60 Rays

Virtual sex w/ voice for 15 minutes 100 Rays

Voice sex for 15 minutes 80

Cam for 15 minutes 750 Rays

Cam for 30 minutes 1500 Rays

Working Girl profile

IMPORTANT:  If you contacted me through Second Life or RLC for any services you must pay me in the virtual currency.  All voice sessions can be done inworld or through Skype.  All cam sessions are done through Skype.  If I’m not online or afk, you can email me at to schedule a session.  Payment is due in full before the session begins.

*Pricing is subject to change.  Always check my profile inworld sarabimaraj or message me for updated pricing.